CaseTestify – Designed with Litigation in Mind

Remote depositions are here to stay; we have heard this from common video conferencing providers, from access to justice advocates, and even from the courts. However, this statement became a clear reality when court reporters began declining in-person jobs in favor of remote and hybrid proceedings.

CaseTestify is a better platform for legal proceedings. Designed for depositions, it includes advanced videoconferencing features, intuitive exhibit management functions for both individual depositions and entire cases, while also integrating with the Stenograph suite of SaaS solutions such as CaseViewNet for realtime. This platform simplifies scheduling for agencies and is built directly from court reporter feedback, which makes it an extremely robust tool.

Stenograph’s new remote testimony platform is designed with litigation in mind. Stenograph and the vTestify company have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement, bringing the best remote testimony platform into the Stenograph ecosystem as CaseTestify. The goal of this partnership was to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our Stenograph customers. With 70% of depositions today being either remote or hybrid, integrating scheduling, capture, transcription, and syncing is top of mind. As we continue to provide solutions throughout all aspects of the workflow, from capture to production, Stenograph customers will see an increase in efficiency to their ability to deliver a completed product for their customers. The CaseTestify platform already includes integrations with CaseViewNet and will ultimately replace common ad-hoc solutions and disjointed, unstructured workflows.

To learn more about our all-in-one solution, please contact us at enterprise@stenograph.com.

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