Get to Know the Team – Janet Harris

What is your name? Janet Harris

What is your title? Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Stenograph

How long have you been working at Stenograph? In April 2020, I started at Stenograph as Vice President Market Development for Enterprise Sales. Currently, I am Vice President of Enterprise Sales and manage the sales, customer success and eLearning teams.

Can you briefly tell us about your family? I have the middle child syndrome, with a brother and sister on either side of me. We grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin and have deep roots in Rock County. I now live in San Luis Obispo, California with my partner, April and a thoroughly spoiled dog, Lucy. I’m an amateur photographer and love to take pictures of the landscapes and wildlife from my front porch (or hammock).

What would someone not know about you by looking at you? When I moved away from home to go to college, I was 50 years old. I received my student ID and AARP card in the mail on the same day. The program I was accepted into is called the Ada Comstock Scholars program at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. I lived the first year in a dormitory with the students and spent three years on campus as a full-time student to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Tell us what one thing on your bucket list. To write a book. Riding in a hot air balloon was recently checked off.

What is your favorite vacation spot? It has always been wherever there is a sun and a beach. Now that I live in the Central Coast of California, it’s a staycation and doing all the tourist types of activities.


What is your favorite food? Cheese. Cheese on anything. Even just cheese all by itself. As a Wisconsin native, we were raised to love cheese on everything.

What is your favorite movie? The Heat, with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.

What is your favorite part about your job? Participating in developing new technologies for the reporting industry. I’m a geek at heart and love to problem-solve.

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