Get to Know the Stenograph Team – Karen Peck

Stenograph is extremely proud of the team we have working together to provide our customers with the best equipment and solutions in the industry. While we have added several new faces to our team, we also have numerous employees that have been with us for many years. Our employees come to work every day with the goal of finding ways to make your work life better, we thought you might enjoy getting to know a few of them. Here’s a Q & A with Karen Peck.

What is your name? Karen Peck

What is your title? District Sales Manager for Canada, Alaska, New York and International

How long have you been working at Stenograph? In a sales capacity since 2009.  However, I started out as a Stenograph Certified Training Agent in 1994, the year after I graduated from court reporting school and bought my first CAT system, Premier Power and a Stentura 8000.

Can you briefly tell us about your family? I have been happily married to my husband Allan for 27 years, and we have one teenage son, Ethan, who is starting university this fall.  Our family pet is a Portuguese Water dog named Splash.

What would someone not know about you by looking at you? I wanted to be an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter for the deaf and took several sign language courses before I heard about steno reporting and captioning and decided to switch careers.

Tell us what one thing on your bucket list. I am an avid tennis player and would love to visit Wimbledon during a championship match.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere with a view of water!  I love walking on a beach or sitting on a dock on a lake.

What is your favorite food? Potatoes!  My husband jokingly calls me Miss Idaho.

What is your favorite movie? “Contact”. I am fascinated by space and the search for galaxies and planets with the right conditions for the building blocks of life.

What is your favorite part about your job? I love talking to fellow court reporters, hearing about their interesting jobs, learning about issues they might be experiencing, and providing solutions with the best equipment in the industry.

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