Introducing CATalyst Check It -A Game-Changing Solution for Stenographers and Scopists

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the court reporting industry has undergone significant changes. While there may be fewer stenographers than before, the demand for their expertise across the nation has increased. Stenographers possess unique skills in speed and accuracy, playing a crucial role in the legal and judicial systems by producing accurate and complete transcripts relied upon by judges, lawyers, and various professionals.

Over our 85 years, Stenograph has been at the forefront of developing solutions that support and enhance the court reporting industry. With innovative CATalyst features and products such as Finish ‘Em, AudioSync, RealTeam, Realtime, CaseViewNet, Cloud Backup and so much more, developed over the past 25 years, Stenograph has empowered stenographers and scopists to be more efficient and effective in their work. Following our mission to provide advanced technology solutions that allow for the efficient capture, production, preservation, and accessibility of verbatim records, we are excited to announce our latest product!

Introducing Check It, a Revolutionary Addition to CATalyst

After months of extensive development and beta testing, we are thrilled to introduce our newest CATalyst product: Check It. This innovative tool utilizes Phoenix, our custom-built Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine for the legal industry, to compare the audio input with the corresponding text in your transcript. It then provides valuable suggestions for editing, ensuring a more accurate and polished final product.

The Time-Saving Benefits of Check It

Editing is an essential part of your workflow, but it often consumes a significant amount of time. By leveraging ASR technology, Check It significantly reduces the time it takes to edit transcripts. During the beta testing phase, our skilled testers had the opportunity to experience the full potential of Check It. As they became more familiar with Check It, and its various features, our testers saw their time savings grow.

On average, stenographers using Check It saw a remarkable reduction in editing time, saving on average 45 minutes of editing time per job, allowing them to take 2 additional jobs per month and earn at least an additional $1000 per month. Scopists using Check It also saw notable time savings, allowing them to take 3 additional jobs per month and earn at least an additional $800 per month.

Check It Enhances Productivity

Check It offers you an opportunity to listen to audio segments only in places where edits are necessary, eliminating the need to review the entire deposition or recording. This selective audio playback feature optimizes productivity, enabling you to edit more efficiently. Check It is designed to aid, not replace, stenographers or scopists. Its purpose is to enhance your capabilities and allow you to deliver even higher-quality transcripts while saving time.

You deserve tools that support your expertise, and Check It is a prime example of our commitment to providing innovative solutions for stenographers. With the evolving stenography market, where technology and human expertise work hand in hand to create a more efficient and precise legal system, we encourage you to take advantage of the introductory offer and experience the benefits of Check It firsthand!

CATalyst Check It powered by Phoenix is an add-on product available to CATalyst users with an active Edge support agreement, additional charges apply. For more information or to purchase Check It, contact your District Sales Manager or sales@stenograph.com.

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