Take Advantage of Stenograph’s Certified Independent Training Agents

Whether your input method is steno or voice, as a professional reporter or CART/Captioner, your income depends on your ability to produce a highly accurate realtime translation and/or final transcript. You provide the input; your CAT system helps deliver the output, thus your CAT software is one of the most, if not the most, important tool you use. Despite that fact, many reporters use only a tiny fraction of the features in their CAT software. Whether you use CATalyst, CATalyst VP, or CATalyst BCS, increased software knowledge is available through many resources. CATalyst customers with Edge have access to CATalyst Academy. Members of Ascend Training by Stenograph have access to their community of resources and interactive content. However, all CATalyst users can access the network of Stenograph Certified Independent Training Agents (CITAs).

Specialized Expertise:

Certified Independent Training Agents are highly skilled professionals in the reporting industry who took their existing reputations as a “go-to” resource and their desire to help people and turned it into a part-time training business. They did this by partnering with their local Stenograph representative and then supplementing their already significant CATalyst product knowledge with dozens of hours of intensive custom-to-the-individual certification sessions. They undergo regular ongoing education and have access to expert assistance to ensure that they can teach not only how to use CATalyst features, but where, when, and why!

Customized Training Programs:

One of the most significant advantages of working with a Certified Independent Training Agent is the ability to receive a customized training experience. The CITA you choose to work with will assess your current skill level, help you identify the most crucial areas for improvement, and develop a personalized training plan to address your unique requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, the CITA will work closely with you to determine what processes are least efficient and where you can improve. By focusing on your individual needs, the training is targeted and efficient, saving you time and effort.

Immediately Beneficial in Multiple Ways

Everyone accepts that they have to learn their CAT software, and most people expect to take some time to find out what’s new when there’s an update. Oh, and hey, nice if you can earn CEUs for that. However, those are not the only reasons to take CAT software training. There are so many ways to spend longer than necessary doing your job or raising your anxiety level; for example, working longer than necessary putting together indexes or filling in covers and appearances, or worksheets. One-on-one coaching sessions provide immediate feedback, identify areas for improvement, and suggest specific strategies to work faster and more efficiently. This personalized attention accelerates your learning process, allowing you to make significant progress in a shorter span of time. Plus, knowing that you can ALWAYS earn CEUs for time spent with your CITA means accomplishing multiple goals!

Comfort as Well as Productivity

One of the most important benefits of having access to a Stenograph CITA is that they understand that everyone is different. Your preferences for how you work are based on your background and experience as much as your needs and goals; and because they’re working with you one-on-one, they can more easily cater to your preferences. In a big class, the instructor can’t spend time with each individual or answer every question: in a private training session, your CITA is focused on you. In a big class, the instructor speaks to the needs of the group: in a one-on-one setting, your CITA is there just for you.

Stenograph’s Certified Independent Training Agents provide CATalyst users with invaluable opportunities to improve their efficiency, accuracy, profitability, and confidence. Through personalized training programs and their unique expertise, these expert trainers equip you with the skills you need to maximize your potential.

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