Celebrating One Year of Check It: Revolutionizing Court Reporting with Advanced Technology 

 A Legacy of Innovation at Stenograph 

For more than 85 years, Stenograph has led the way in creating solutions that support and enhance the court reporting industry. Through innovative CATalyst features and software products we have empowered stenographers and scopists to work more efficiently and effectively. Committed to our mission of delivering advanced technology solutions for the efficient capture, production, preservation, and accessibility of verbatim records, we are thrilled to celebrate the one-year anniversary of CATalyst Check It. 

A Year of Improvements and Looking Ahead 

Since the launch of Check It, we have continuously updated it and the Phoenix ASR engine to improve user experience and accuracy. Our commitment to enhancing this tool means we have even more planned for the future. 

As we mark the first anniversary of Check It, we celebrate the strides made in enhancing productivity and accuracy for stenographers and scopists. This revolutionary tool has proven to be a game-changer, and we are excited for what the future holds as we continue to innovate. 

Why Check It is Essential for Your Workflow 

Check It is an add-on product available to CATalyst users with an active Edge support agreement, with additional charges applicable.  

  • Time Savings: Reduce strokes and enable easy text replacement, saving up to 3.75 hours in editing time per week.
  • Increased Earnings: Reporters can take up to two additional jobs per month and earn at least an additional $1,000, while scopists can earn at least an additional $800.
  • Enhanced Precision: Check It acts as a second set of eyes during editing, ensuring a more accurate final product.
  • Streamlined workflow: Focus on editing only where necessary, increasing overall efficiency.

Try out Check It today 

Getting started is easy 

  • Check It is an annual plan and is an add-on to CATalyst.
  • You must have an active Edge support plan to have Check It and after the initial contract, your Check It contract will sync to your Edge support plan.
  • Check It can be paid in monthly installments or at one time- just like an Edge plan!
  • To keep Check It working at peak performance, make sure you are always on the latest version of your software.

Ready to try Check It?  Contact our Sales Team at 800-323-4247 and ask about our 1-month no-commitment trial!

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