APEX + CATalyst = time savings for YOU!

APEX is an intelligent ecosystem that seamlessly connects agencies and reporters through our industry leading software, CATalyst. It features an intuitive user experience and dashboard that greatly simplify how agencies and reporters manage the capture, production, and distribution of the verbatim record.

Without any additional investment in the workforce, software, or systems to improve capacity, APEX can help agencies increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and improve ease of doing business, making them up to 50% more efficient and doubling capacity.  APEX is integrated with Stenograph’s industry-leading court reporter software, CATalyst, to create a seamless flow of data between agencies and reporters. CATalyst integration provides improved ease of doing business with reporters and allows agencies to communicate with reporters in a streamlined, dedicated manner while reducing the time it takes to schedule a reporter. Capacity for scheduling and billing will be doubled, providing agencies an overall savings of up to 1-2 hours per job.

Reporters on CATalyst who connect to APEX will be able to take advantage of new features that increase efficiency. Details from the agency in APEX flow directly to the reporter in CATalyst. Notifications for job proposals and any changes to the job will be visible right from CATalyst and flow into the job calendar. Did the job details change? No problem! Updates will flow from APEX and send a notification directly to CATalyst. Names, case information, and other relevant details can be imported into the worksheet and flow directly into the CATalyst transcript, eliminating the need to retype information. CATalyst integration to APEX will result in a savings of 30 minutes per job in administrative time regarding how reporters receive information about a job, create a worksheet, and submit a worksheet; resulting in up to 8 hours, or one working day, of free time for a reporter per month. Also, reporters can earn on average $400 in loyalty points for being part of the APEX ecosystem.

Coming Soon!

We hope you are as excited about APEX as we are! Reporters looking to take advantage of these benefits need to be on the latest version of CATalyst, so make sure you are on version 21!

Agencies interested in hearing more about what APEX can do for you, please contact Jeff Cobb at enterprise@stenograph.com.

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