Manage Your Workflow From a Single Application


Recently we have been talking a lot about the APEX Ecosystem, our new workflow solution that brings together agencies and reporters, increasing efficiency to make everyone more productive and profitable.  APEX will be integrated with CATalyst version 21.5 and provide reporters with time savings that give back 1 month and the potential to earn up to $5,000 more a year.  Watch the video below to see how the CATalyst integration with APEX can help you!

APEX is an intelligent ecosystem that benefits both agencies and reporters.  It is the only system that allows users to manage the entire process- from scheduling to billing and everything in between, from a single application. Click here to see the APEX Ecosystem.

We are so excited about the APEX Ecosystem and can’t wait for you to start seeing the time savings, keep following Stenograph social media and emails for information on when APEX will be available. Make sure your Edge is up to date so you can update to CATalyst v21.5 as soon as it is available to maximize your efficiency.

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