What’s New in CaseTestify Version 3.0?

CaseTestify is Stenograph’s innovative legal platform designed to revolutionize how legal professionals engage in online proceedings. In a time where most depositions are conducted hybrid or fully remote, the need for the right tools has never been more important. CaseTestify isn’t just another video conferencing platform; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers users to efficiently manage exhibits, seamlessly stream real-time content, and securely store proceedings in the cloud. Designed to mirror in-person workflows, CaseTestify understands the unique requirements of remote depositions and offers a seamless and user-friendly experience that goes beyond ad-hoc solutions. We’ve expanded functionality and provided even more optimization in our latest update, CaseTestify 3.0.

Feedback is so important to us, and features found in CaseTestify 3.0 were developed directly from what we were hearing from our customers. These updates incorporate new Exhibit Management, Video Conferencing, and ViewScript features.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an important part of CaseTestify, and its purpose-built tools give you more than any off-the-shelf solution. In Version 3.0 we’ve expanded beyond the high-definition video capture that allows agencies to immediately deliver a legal-ready video to their clients and have given users even more flexibility.

  • Start/Stop Video Call gives the host/co-host control to manually stop and start video conferencing when attendees are in the deposition room and ready to proceed or break.
  • Hide Unpinned Videos allows any attendee to simplify their video experience by only displaying the attendees they want to see on video.
  • Screen Capture gives hosts/co-hosts the ability to create a screen composition of the witness and any other attendees in a side-by-side view next to the exhibits to see the witness/attendee reaction while interacting with exhibits.

Exhibit Management

CaseTestify streamlines and simplifies how exhibits are managed in remote depositions, allowing reporters, attorneys, or any user to upload, stamp, and share digital exhibits. New features in 3.0 expand both pre- and post-deposition exhibit management.

  • Pre-Deposition Exhibit Prep allows attendees to upload and stamp exhibits without using the video conferencing platform.
  • Post-Deposition Exhibit Review allows for modifying exhibits, including moving stamps, or restamping, replacing, and renaming exhibits before finalizing them without using the video conferencing platform. This functionality is only available to certain organization members with the appropriate permissions.

Streaming Integrations: ViewScript

A true game-changer that sets CaseTestify apart from other solutions is ViewScript. Powered by Phoenix, a custom-built Automatic Speech Recognition engine for the legal industry, ViewScript provides attorneys with synced audio and text in-testimony review, and instant post-deposition review.

  • Bookmarking within ViewScript allows individual segments to be bookmarked and accessed on the testimony review page after the deposition ends, making it so much easier and faster for attorneys to find key pieces of testimony they would like to review.

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Interested in learning more about how CaseTestify and how Stenograph’s ecosystem of legal solutions can keep your team working at peak efficiency? Contact our Enterprise Sales Team at enterprise@stenograph.com.

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